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January 21, 2012 / Hannah


Here’s an old post from an old blog. It was a fun little experience.

Went out to the lake today, we found a great cove where the water is so clear it has that aqua marine caribbean look, bordered by mountains, the feet of which branch into the waters. Mm.
We are powerful people.

Isn’t it fascinating that the world is full of people with free will? Every time we come into contact with another being we get to experience their choices, what they choose to do with their experience and personality. They could do anything. You just never know what those beings are capable of dong or being and it’s amazing.

Sometimes they do the unexpected, like ask if you’re going to use the ice at the bottom of the venti iced coffee you just finished.”No, no I don’t think I need that.” “Oh, well, would you mind if I used it? Gotta cool down this gatorade.” “Not at all, help yourself.”

Tonight I went for a drive with a friend, just to go. We ended up in a small town of 587 people, saw the cafe/grocery store and pulled up as an old man was coming out. we asked if they were closed and he offered to let us in for an ice cream. The place served as the town’s library, cafe, grocery store, the meeting place of the local historical club, and karaoke joint. The old man was the owner. He held an open magazine in his hand and pointed to a picture of a B29 bomber (or something like that) and said, “You guys ever get a chance to take a ride in a -insert name of plane here- you take it.” He proceeded to talk to us for a while, mostly about his wife, whose brother is the drummer in The Police. Her father was head of the CIA, and she has written a few books and produced movies.

He loved to talk about his wife. Apparently they met at the cafe, which they now own. He said she was out of town, but invited us back to meet her. He said she loves to correct the english of the locals, and that they wanted to make the little cafe/store a place for the youth to hang out, instead of doing drugs and making a ruckus. He flies planes, and said he was buying one soon. He offered us free rides, and said he wanted to teach the kids around how to fly. He told how he lost 3 million dollars in 10 days. How he wanted to buy a little cafe in another town that had belonged to his family, and he wanted to get it back in.

You never know who you’re going to meet, what they’ve done, and what story they’re living.


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