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November 3, 2011 / Hannah


I’ve been contemplating rest again. It would seem that this is a life fruit for me to partake of.

I came down with mono a couple weeks ago, and now have the problem of resting when I don’t necessarily feel tired. My mind and body say “Go Go Go!” yet wisdom tells me to pause and delve into the depths of peaceful rest. Here’s what I’ve learned in the last week or two.

1. God created the world and everything on it. God rested. God is God, and I’m pretty sure He’s never been tired (except maybe as Jesus after a good day’s teaching). But He rested. If God rests when He’s not tired, there must be something more to it than recuperation. What I want to know: How exactly did God spend the first Sabbath? Surveying His new work with pleasure? What does God do when He rests? Does He rest still?

2. Not all rest is created equal. For example, Pinterest and design blogs do not equate to rest. Rest is meant to be food for the soul, mind, body, spirit. It sustains the run and savors the fruit of life’s labors.

3. Rest requires some prep time. I cannot rest in a cluttered and dirty space. When I have a night in, before popping in a movie or sitting down with a book I clean to my heart’s content (and yes, I enjoy it). In a season of rest, it can be good to declutter your mind by turning off the white noise. Fast from music, media, etc. If your work interferes with your thought life like it can mine, make lists in one place of all the To Do’s, get done with the urgent items, and let it be until you’re on work time again.

4. There are ways to engage in a more restful lifestyle. Weed out some anxiety that may appear in the form of critical or fearful people. Make Not To Do lists. Stick with them. Figure out what you love, what things in your life are important to you and what brings you life, then get rid of the rest so that you can fully engage in your life. This is your story, and you are living it now. Make it the one you want.

5. A true rest is the fruit of thankfulness which comes with the bonus of Joy. Practice practice practice. When encountering a frustration (especially in the form of another person), say a mental thank you for something you appreciate in them. When feeling hopeless, give thanks. When feeling critical, give thanks. When you’re happy, give thanks. 🙂

6. Rest is where love lives. Rest was created for humanity to enjoy. The Sabbath was created for man, and not man for the Sabbath.


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