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September 9, 2011 / Hannah

Balancing Act

There is so much value in balance. Giving equal weight to the other side in order to remain upright. Peace can by found in the harmony of balance. Balance is intentional, it’s a balancing Act not a balancing accident. 🙂

And so, today is about practicing the intentional. Saying yes in the moment to pressing in a bit more, stretching further into the present, the person in front of you. Friendship is not an accident, and powerful people are those with deep friendships. I am powerful in my decision to listen with my attention, to be vulnerable when I feel it the least.

I’ve grown up wondering how it is that some people connect so easily to others. It seems like a gift. But I don’t think it is anymore. I think it’s hard work sometimes. It’s energy and intention. It’s purposeful and powerful.

I have lived in 3 states in the last 3 years. The question of community is a big one. If you were to ask me the recipe for community I would say put in equal parts Time, Intention, and Chance. I don’t know if Chance is what it is, but it often feels like finding the right people in the right place is a matter of luck. There’ve been times I’ve had it and times I haven’t.

I do know that living balanced outside of community is hard. It’s hard but, it’s a good time to learn to know yourself. I have been learning to be honest with myself and with God. I’m not afraid of not feeling ok. Feelings work themselves out in an environment of grace. And I’ll be ready for true community when I find it because I have grace for myself and the courage to be honest.


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