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August 11, 2011 / Hannah


I’ve made it a goal (that I’ve not kept well) to become more mindful. Maybe I’ve kept it more than I think I have, now that I think about it; at any rate, I love the idea of mindfulness.

I’ve always been a dreamer. I love otherness. Probably I always will, and I like that too. Today, though, something clicked.

If you’ve ever read C.S. Lewis’s ‘Surprised by Joy’ then you have read about the climax of mindfulness, the very pinnacle of alive-ness. It is in moments of great Joy that I am most present and fully aware of where I am and who I am and eternity. For me, it’s when I am still, and usually has something to do with the sky, or Autumn, Christmas, or mountains. Waves of gratitude just about overwhelm me, and tears roll down my face as the longing and realization of beauty set in. I almost can’t take it.

“It was when I was happiest that I longed most…The sweetest thing in all my life has been the longing…to find the place where all the beauty came from.”
— C.S. Lewis (Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold)

That mindfulness, to me, must be the greatest form of mindfulness. In those moments I feel the embrace of eternity, and everything, all priorities, are placed where they ought always to have been. Truth is in the Joy.


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