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July 8, 2011 / Hannah

Purposeful Creativity

Hello there! I like to poke my head out from the recesses every so often. I do actually have a goal of writing much more in the next month or two. I so admire those bloggers who not only write every day (or close to it), but they write well and seem so perpetually inspired. I always wonder how it is that they maintain the outflow of ideas and thoughts. How do they find their inspiration, and where do they find the time to seek it then write about it? I don’t know.  I don’t know, but, I intend to forge a path of my own and seek out the mystery of abiding inspiration.

So I am subscribed to Michael Hyatt’s blog on leadership, and this morning he posted an interview with Sir Ken Robinson. I first saw Ken Robinson on TED (a conference I lovelovelove), and I would highly recommend watching his TED video  as it is incredibly interesting and will give you a good introduction to his ideas about creativity particularly pertaining to the educational system.

In the interview with Michael Hyatt, Ken Robinson states that creativity may be cultivated just as any other innate ability may be. And Everyone is creative. Creation groans for the revealing of the sons of glory.
Here are my questions:

  • How do you suppose creativity is cultivated?
  • Assuming there are general principles behind abiding in inspiration, what might those be?
  • Is there anything  you do anything to stir up your own creativity?

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