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March 18, 2011 / Hannah

Tributes to living

Do you know what I love about messes? That I know they’re never insurmountable. Actually, they’re so often landmarks to these crucial, epochal moments in our lives and in our histories.

What would change if instead of looking at “failings” as that word, we saw them instead as little altars marking our journeys?

The cairn on the hilltop that wayfarers pass and see, and remember the history, the life that was actually lived. Each stone, worn smooth by the process, placed in the pile: the adventure that was tried out, experienced, and whether it ended in what we might call failure, it was more than a thought or a dream. It became a reality, and that is worth remembering.

It was a dream, a thought, a passion that heard the word Yes.

Yes is not heard so much as No, but it is worth remembering… The times it surprises you with a life of it’s own, springing from your lips with a will. The times when it comes softly and hesitating. Other times of surety, will and purpose. And there is no guarantee what may happen after that word enters the atmosphere. Worlds are shifted and changed. Who is to say that the process is not the point? that the outcome, in fact, is simply irrelevant?

Yes that is yarn on top. What would be better than to take those Yes’s and turn them into something you can wear, bright and colorful that all the world may recognize, “Here is one who has truly lived.”


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