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February 12, 2011 / Hannah

When life gets too cumbersome…

How do you Free yourself?


Take off your shoes

Give away everything you haven’t used in a year

Sit on a high place and look out over the world as it appears


Kiss a baby’s head

Smile at someone

Watch the sunset

Start driving

Build a fort

Make a really good meal

Listen to a really good song

Thank your body for what it does for you

Tell someone what you think about them,  unexpectedly

Hum more

Believe that people love you

Believe Jesus likes you

Buy a plant

Bless your water

Never watch the news

Write down 100 dreams

Think about the last time you laughed, if you can’t remember, laugh.

Buy a ticket to something or somewhere

Forgive someone

Stop for 30 seconds on a regular basis

Ask God what He thinks about someone

Ask God what He thinks about you

Remember that you won’t miss your destiny, because it’s now

Listen to a christmas song

Borrow a cup of sugar from your neighbor

Forgive someone else

Talk to someone from another generation



then write a blog about it…


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