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December 9, 2010 / Hannah


I said goodbye to a car this morning.

Funny how attached you can become to a soul-less object, and yet.. That car had seen me cry, seen me laugh, put up with all my singing, ranting and praying with nary a murmur. It carried me faithfully. It was a link between all of my homes, and no matter where in the world I was, it was the same car that carried me there.

I haven’t been without a vehicle in years, and always thought if I were to part with it, I’d be parting with my freedom. So now I’m sitting here, musing on my recent loss and realizing I had counted on my car to be able to carry me off at a moment’s notice (or when I feel the need to escape) to discover more of…

And pieces of it can be found scattered all about the globe, like the birds waiting to surprise you in the poem,

“WHEN flighting time is on, I go
With clap-net and decoy,
A-fowling after goldfinches
And other birds of joy;

I lurk among the thickets of
The Heart where they are bred,
And catch the twittering beauties as
They fly into my Head.”

And my little toyota will no longer be part of my journey in discovering the world, carrying me off when at “flighting time”,   and will no longer listen patiently to my little commentary on what I discover.

Cars hold many memories, and we spend a large portion of our lives inside of them. But unlike places, vehicles do not endure time. Little memory holders that pass on from our lives.

Goodbye little car.


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  1. Christie / Dec 9 2010 3:41 pm

    Gee whiz Hannah, you make us teary about a car.

    Loved the catching little birds of joy word picture.

    So sorry about the car and so glad you weren’t hurt.

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