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November 3, 2009 / Hannah


A few weeks ago I was working with a family (ironic) and saw something that could’ve come straight from some heart-rending independent drama.

I was outside a gas station by the highway. A nice sports car pulled up and an older gentleman got out. A little girl with long blonde hair also got out of the car, walked over and hugged the old man. Then a middle aged, blonde woman got out. She had black braces covering both her legs.

The woman and girl walked over to the front of the store and used a pay phone. The old man walks over and I hear the woman yell something. He walks away. She takes the girl’s hand and begins to walk away from the gas station. They walk down the road and the little girl turns around to look for the old man every few seconds. They get down to the on ramp and the woman puts out her thumb.

Meanwhile the old man gets in his car and speeds down to them. As he’s driving a lifted truck pulls over and the woman gets in, holds out her hand for the little girl who stands by the truck looking towards the gas station.

The old man pulls up in front of the truck and gets out and the woman continues to motion for the little girl to get in the truck.

That was all I could see, the next time I glanced over they were all gone.

It was surreal, all I could do was pray for them.

Tonight I sat out in the back yard on the swing and watched the sunset. It made the palm tree fronds light up at the tips. They looked like golden lines coming from masses of dark green blowing against the sky. I was grateful for the reminder that though the world is a screwed up place there are things all around that remain good and peaceful. Maybe it doesn’t make sense. Maybe it makes more sense than most things do.

I was talking with a friend the other day about the wind. One thing I love about the wind is that it cannot be controlled by humans. It is free and powerful, it can be dangerous or playful, but it cannot be stopped. The same is true of the ocean. We can hide from it, recreate it in our own small ways, but it exists apart from us.

I like that.


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