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November 3, 2009 / Hannah

I wrote this one about a year ago~

I was driving down to Phoenix today thinking about some stuff I’ve been learning, or rather, trying to unlearn, in my self. When you live in a house with several other people things like space and time become glaringly obvious due to deficiency (unless you’re super social. bless you.) I’ve been learning how possessive I am: over my time, space and possessions. So I started thinking about the reasons people become possessive, and what they like to have control over. Emotions came up, is it possible to be possessive of emotions? I think it’s possible. To desire to have a certain emotion, and then to guard it jealously, happens all the time and can happen with any emotion.

I think we can guard our happiness as well as our sadness, anger, jealousy, and depression.

So, what is the difference between guarding your heart and being possessive of emotion? The verse about guarding your heart occurs in Philippians 4:7, and talks about focusing on peace. So I think that’s the difference. Possessiveness is a focus on self and comes from fear. Guarding the heart is refocusing the mind which influences the heart. Or is it refocusing the heart which influences the mind? A heart-focus sewn with honor and compassion will reap peace as it pours out from a firm foundation of love. Soaking in God’s presence is what makes it sustainable.

Foundations are so important.


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