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November 3, 2009 / Hannah

Divine tensions

So school starts tomorrow. The students are here, everywhere in town. The other day I was sitting here in Barnes and Noble, enjoying the AC and wifi, and found myself surrounded by other Bethel students. The pastor recieved a phone call last sunday saying the highway was backed up with people coming to church, so this sunday we students received an email asking us to please attend the earlier service. But it’s great to have that problem.

I’m excited to begin this, whatever it is, because you never really know just what God is going to do or say, and isn’t that half the fun? It can also be half the battle I suppose, but I think the line between excitement and battle is trust. It is absolutely necessary to trust in a spiritual world of divine tensions. When we can’t handle the tension we tend to choose a side, a side which may be good, but is only one piece, and the tension is gone. Then the need to trust, to rely, goes with it. It may be our version of stability, but it easily turns into a stagnant position. It’s so easy to forget the tensions, to settle into what we believe to be safe formulas and time tested methods. God is more dynamic than the people and places around us, but He is also very personal. It’s one of the tensions. We may learn a lot from people who know God, but we can’t live their lives. There is always a call to listen. When you listen you find that God wants to work with you, not against you. That is, you were made as an individual on purpose.

Living someone else’s calling is like walking up an escalator that’s moving down.

So America has something right, pursue what you were made to do. Just make sure you aren’t doing it alone.


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