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November 3, 2009 / Hannah

and then I discovered my love of the human race

I like people. I like to soak them in, the way I like to soak in the sunshine when the air is breezy and the rays warm through. It’s the reason I don’t make coffee at home, or invest in wifi. I have to admit, I like to hurtle myself into the midst of the masses at my own convenience and leisure. I am not one for constant interaction, and I quickly get used to hiding in my own little internal sphere, a place where I have learned to keep the doors open to let some fresh air flow through, though I like to remain inside and watch from my perch.

Still, people are like vitamin D for my soul, and as vital to my health I think. I hear people talking about moving away, places with no neighbors to bother, none of that hustle and bustle and I think to myself, That sounds lovely, I feel I ought to agree with you, but I’d rather have New York City. I don’t know that I’d actually like New York, but I would prefer the throngs of breathing beings to those isolated roads far off the beaten path.

I echo the cry of Walt Whitman, give me “People, endless, streaming, with strong voices, passions, pageants… Give me the streets of Manhattan.. ”

Of course, this needs to be balanced with some mountain air and growing things, some silence to put the room in order, after shoving it full of ideas, images, smells and sounds. Then let me sit, walk, live among these wonderfully different, frustrating and brilliant human beings.


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