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November 3, 2009 / Hannah


So I’ve decided to take up blogging again this summer. Maybe. At least I’ll do this one, all sorts of words are floating around in my head, trying to describe everything, but we’ll see how close I can come ;). At the moment I’m sitting in this used book store/coffee shop (good books, not so great americano) trying to decide which books I won’t buy and loving that they’re playing Sigur Ros. I found a book of Anne Bradstreet’s poetry; I’ve been looking for her for a few years now, but she’s a little scarce. It’s somewhat appropriate to find her here in alaska now that I think about it. She was, I believe, the first American woman writer. She wrote poetry, a puritan living in a brand new (to europe) and wild country.

Flying in to Alaska it was striking how very wild and somewhat desolate the first view was. As soon as the clouds broke over the land all you could see for miles and miles were dark and snowy, jagged mountains. The bases were surrounded by a very still and very dark sea. It looked cold, bleak and pretty incredible.

Anchorage was beautiful, very green and surrounded by mountains and the ocean. The ocean there is not like the ocean anywhere else I’ve seen it. It seems really still, no waves, and there is no sand or oceany smell. It’s met by dark brown silt–mud that you can’t walk on, it’s more like quicksand. We went on a hike through some sweet spruce that disappeared fairly quickly and we were in the tundra. There were some flowers blooming, it’s actually pretty colorful thought not bright.

We drove the six hours to Fairbanks on Thursday evening (though I don’t think they should all it evening since it’s not twilight until closer to midnight). The first four hours flew by, the drive was so pretty. Anna saw Denali about three hours into the drive I think. It looked like clouds, it was so high and completely covered in I don’t know how many feet of snow. It was incredible. There were mountains all around it that looked so small and insignificant next to it, whereas had they been on their own they’d have been pretty extraordinary. Denali is unbelievable. I love seeing something so massive and feeling so small. It’s just something you have to experience.

Went for a walk by the cabin yesterday, this family owns a lot of land through the homestead act and they let people walk around on their trails. The trails are covered in dead leaves but the birches are all green and leafy. So pretty and quiet. It was so nice, the trip has been amazing, but exhausting, so the quiet feels good for my soul :).

Got to go, blessings!


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