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March 23, 2009 / Hannah


The other day I had a Sabbath down in Sedona, I love to go just to sit in the sun and read (or pretend to read and just think). There’s a coffee place at the edge of the first part of town with a terrace patio that looks out over a little valley area the creek runs through and towering red rocks. 

There was a little sparrow hopping around, he had found a crumb. It was too big for him so he would bite into the middle of it and get a little bit in his beak and the rest would go scattering into a bunch of little crumbs. He kept grabbing and scattering until he’d gotten all he wanted. 

I feel like that’s what happens when God wants to show me something. I will come across this large crumb of something new and bite into the middle of it and after I’ve digested that I go after the pieces that’ve scattered. That’s processing. That’s grief. 

I haven’t been grieving, but I’ve been around plenty of people who are. My process has been something more of a paradigm shift, maybe I’ll share it after I pick up a few more of the pieces.


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