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December 2, 2008 / Hannah

Christmas is here! Christmas is here!

Sometimes I think this blog gets a little intense… or most of the time… You have to realize that this is my processing-place, otherwise my conversatios would be intense, and that would be exhausting. Or my head might explode. Either way, the outcome does not look so good. So here I come and spill out all my intensity which keeps me and my friends sane.

I realize that you (whoever you are) take the brunt of this, so I’ve decided to give you a cheery post. My roommates and I began our Christmas celebration (I actually began a month ago). Here are some pictures…


Roseanna and I putting up some lightage.



Kristen and I, glowing with Christmas spirit. 


Kristen teaching us about Peace. (Practicing for a race/ethnicity day with the kids at her school.)


Coming soon: the Tree.


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  1. crickl's nest / Dec 3 2008 12:05 am

    You’re getting a roomate tree! How big? Will it fit? Do you have ornamentation? Oh, you can make some with all those artsy roomies! You’ll have to have Christmas punch and those little white cookies and bean dip with fritos! (Do you ever wonder why we have such a weird menu on tree decorating night?)

    Coming Saturday then?

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