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September 27, 2008 / Hannah

Autumn thoughts.

Playing around with words and writing…


The world of summer being torn away… lulling us into reminiscence and red, warm, sweet traditions. Stuck in between. Saying goodbye (sweet sadness), a beautiful golden, deep red goodbye that fades eventually into brown then is covered in white.

For now though, it is a wonderful world of color and smell. The air gives energy and vitality, even as it takes away the life of the things along the ground. The birds move along in flowing streams on the breeze.

This my view, perched in the branches of some maple tree, contemplating my book and the changes occurring in the world around me. I an observer, the world the participant. But that was long ago.

This my view, sitting in a coffee shop with a warm cinnamon and nutmeg something in my mug. I, no longer mere observer, and was I ever? Now the season’s change reminds me of Time. Always and ever moving forward, forward, forward. The minutes once slow now rush past like the breeze that brings this cooler weather.

Transition. Goodbye to the little girl sitting in some tree, eating an apple and enjoying the friendly solitude. Yet, the goodbye is invigorating. 


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  1. crickl's nest / Sep 27 2008 11:31 pm

    Okay, so when you are an English prof somewhere, sometime, you should also write prose….and books. 😉

    I loved this.

    From someone even farther down the road.

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