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September 23, 2008 / Hannah

Little boy with a Briefcase.

The other day I saw a little boy riding home on his bicycle. He was in blue jeans and a t shirt, adeptly balancing a briefcase with one hand and steering the bike with the other.

The briefcase was most likely full of jewelry to sell door to door and in offices, a child being harder to turn away than an adult. I’ve often seen a mother drive up to an office and encourage the child to get out and give their spiel at an office.

The child hurries in, timidly gazes at the first person they encounter and asks if they might like some jewelry. More often than not they are kindly turned away, walking back out to their mother with empty pockets.


I just finished watching the movie ‘Mona Lisa Smile’. It is a portrait of women in the mid 1950’s. a few things I noticed….

It was unsettling to see the pictures from the 50’s of women holding cleaning products and Hoover vacuum cleaners,  and disconcerting to hear these pictures underlined with phrases like “The role we were created to fill” and “who we were meant to be”.

Now, can holding a vacuum or using a can of Lysol ever fulfill a “who”? When we say “who” do we not refer to the core of a person? And what, exactly, is the core of a woman?

That’s a question it’s almost impossible to answer. At least, when you think of the core as something involving character, personality, appearance, any of these things that typically define us.

All I can say, not being any great psychologist (they seem to have made a mess of things anyhow with all their formulas and diagrams, carefully categorizing away the raw reality of our humanity), is that women are created as humans who display parts of who God is being created in His image.

Do you know, 50 years after the time of this movie, there are still thousands of girls whose greatest fear is to graduate college without a husband (or the promise of one).

It’s almost as if these girls, like the little boy with the jewelry, walk up to the counter and inquire as to whether anyone would buy. And if they are turned down, they walk back out to the world with a naked finger.


How far from what we were made to enjoy, Life, love, friendship,  partnership, and worship.


(Who knew I could tie those two thoughts in together? I tried anyways.)



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  1. crickl's nest / Sep 24 2008 2:09 am

    I wonder who you are talking about with that naked finger analogy?

    And I wonder, in 50 years what do you think society will look back on that seems as rediculous to them as the women’s slogans from the ’50’s look to us now. Any ideas?

    I think your finger looks just fine for now. Although it might be needing a change in a few years in God’s timing.

  2. worldpeacebeginsinthebackseat / Sep 24 2008 2:40 am

    wowzy. very profound

  3. theagapelife / Sep 24 2008 3:01 pm

    Thanks, ha I actually wasn’t referring to myself. I am not in school for my MRS. But that is a good question, what we will see when we look back. First thing that comes to mind is our airbrushed models in all our advertisements.

  4. krisdohse / Sep 26 2008 1:04 am

    OOOHOOOH, I have a comment! um…. o yeah, sorry I interrupted my psych. class to read this and I’m still thinking about conventional and post-conventional stages. You mentioned women portraying the image of God, and I have been on a search for the female attributes of God, or better put the attributes of God that are seen in women specifically and not men. It’s pretty interesting, the first step was even harder than I expected, and that is to find which attributes can be labeled as more female, or more male. Such as strength as masculine and tenderness as feminine. Than I noticed that when we talk about the feminine attributes of God (not that God is masculine or feminine but you get the point) such as tenderness we still refer to HIS tenderness and make it a masculine attribute such as a father would have tenderness. Anyways, I agree that when women are who they are supposed to be they are an image of God and not some social construct. So yeah the gender and God issue is tough but I still love Her with all my heart.

  5. Alida / Sep 26 2008 9:18 pm

    Great post!!

    Here in Russia the girls are going to university to get a degree and get a better job… the boys go to avoid the army!!

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